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What is... IEMT?

Updated: Nov 20

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a developing area of rapid change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and our ways of being.

The process explores the question, "How did we learn to feel the way that we do?" and opens up the possibility of creating the appropriate change in our emotional lives.

By teaching resources and skills inside the problem state, IEMT appears to bring the client more into the present moment and enables them to better stay out of past negative experiences.

Practitioners consistently report that IEMT has created change in their clients where no other approach has worked previously.

This extraordinary training course is divided into two halves. On day one participants discover how to use the eye movements in conjunction with the IEMT algorithms to address emotional imprints, and on day two, we explore issues relating to identity and ways of being.

What can IEMT be used for?

IEMT is an excellent tool for dealing with a wide range of emotional issues. It is particularly effective in dealing with:

Stress and Anxiety

PTSD and Flashbacks


Feelings of guilt, regret and remorse

Fears and phobias

Dealing with overwhelm

Removing negative memories and traumatic experiences

Panic attacks

Overcoming long term identity issues such as divorce

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