Over the years, I have dealt with various traumas of my own, witnessed several traumatic events and suffered vicarious trauma as a result.  I asked the question... surely there is a purpose to all this pain and suffering...?

Fast forward a few years, I found myself questioning what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was working in drug, alcohol and mental health services and had many long conversations with the people I supported. I wanted to help people live better lives and felt I could do more than I was already doing. I had trained in Counselling many years before but gave it up as it didn't sit right with me. I did consider retraining in counselling but I found something else instead... 

In 2016, I began training in hypnotherapy and found that the world of therapy had evolved significantly since I trained in counselling. I found, and trained in IEMT and  BLAST Technique - two great modalities in eye movement therapy, with rapid results. I also found OldPain2Go - a talking therapy for the removal or reduction of chronic pain, so I trained in that too!

I have helped my clients resolve issues from anger management, relationship breakdowns, narcissistic abuse, childhood abuse, anxiety, grief, PTSD and CPTSD - in as little as two sessions... some had already tried traditional therapies with no success.

So if you want to overcome your past and feel better in your mind and body, please get in touch. 

I now offer bespoke coaching packages to continue your transformation...because your journey doesn't end after therapy, it's only just beginning.


Online Sessions

My sessions work just as well online and have allowed me to work internationally with clients in Spain, Ireland and America with great results.

 I usually conduct my online sessions over Zoom and I can help you set this up. 

The convenience of being at home can be a great advantage, and will save you time and the hassle of parking. Another great benefit is that it doesn’t matter if we live at opposite ends of the country, or even in a different country, it all still works.

Online sessions are effective and efficient, and they also have some extra bonuses…..

  • You don’t have to drive anywhere

  • You don’t need to find parking

  • You can do it all from where you feel comfortable.

So if you haven’t tried online therapy yet, let’s give it a go!

Please note - all sessions are currently held online.



Tell me what I can help with, either email me or text/WhatsApp me on the number below I'll come back to you with all the info to make the right choice for your wellbeing.


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What Clients Say


Bonnie offered a session to our men's mental health support group ' Men Matters' and the feedback from the guys was excellent. Bonnie is clearly experienced in supporting people with mental health difficulties and a very enthusiastic advocate for hypnotherapy and its potential to heal deep trauma and mental distress. I found her to be very humanistic, open and transparent. We will definitely be inviting her back again to our support group.


I recently had this therapy (IEMT) and my God what a difference its made to me, been walking around with a whole new outlook on myself, feeling positively amazing, confident, happy, loved, focused and confident with my future, free from doubt, free from anxiety and rage. If you are in need of a positive change in your life, this really is the therapy you're looking for.


Had a session regarding chronic pain in my lower back and leg, Bonnie was able to pinpoint a deeper rooted cause of this pain and helped ease my suffering. I would recommend this therapy and will be returning for other issues I have


This morning for the first time in 20 years I got out of bed feeling no pain in my back leg or arms, Bonnie helped me realise that I had been holding on to a feeling of pain and shame since early childhood which I no longer needed to carry around with me. I will definitely recommend this treatment to my family and friends, for m the feeling of relief is life changing


I recently had Old Pain To Go therapy after suffering with back pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain and pelvic pain for almost 30 years. I was pain free after just one session! Now I can live my life instead of the pain ruling what I do. So grateful to Bonnie


I’ve had several online sessions with Bonnie to help me work through trauma spanning several decades. From the first session, I felt lighter, slept without nightmares and woke without anxiety. I felt in safe hands. Bonnie is compassionate and approachable. I really liked that she has the skill to bring in different ways of working, when needed, on the fly. As an unexpected benefit, I no longer grind my teeth when I’m sleeping!
I’d recommend BLAST and IEMT to anyone struggling with fallout from trauma and I’d particularly recommend Bonnie.


As a therapist myself, I have a short list of therapists I would trust my kids with and Bonnie's on it. She uses fast, powerful and effective techniques and skillfully integrates and cutomizes each session. She really understands her craft and takes it to the next level. I havent met another therapist as educated as herself in a long while. I highly recommend Bonnie to anyone!


Bonnie is amazing not only has she helped me with my long and short term pain management but also with my stress related OCD, I’ve had about 5 sessions and can’t recommend her enough, she was very professional, thorough and discreet, it’s amazing the difference she has made to my wellbeing.