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     Dont Want To Talk About It?


Do you feel held back by traumatic events… have fears or anxieties…maybe anger issues are getting in the way…

or is chronic pain keeping you physically stuck  and you

cant see a way forward, or a better life for yourself?

Do you feel hopeless... helpless…or overwhelmed?

Are you feeling out of sync with the rest of the world?

Do you feel nothing will change and life will always be like this?


Or do you want to do the work and better your life, but really dont want to discuss with a stranger? 


 I can help you...

I have helped my clients resolve issues from the past that

have left them feeling stuck; from fears, phobias, anger

issues and anxiety, to PTSD, grief, loss and chronic pain. Using

a combination of IEMT, BLAST Technique, hypnotherapy, hypnotic energy clearing and coaching. The great news is,

you don’t need to tell me the details, most of the time, my sessions are content free.

I offer bespoke packages to give you quick results...

So you can start to feel better after the first session

 If You Want To…

Feel lighter from the first session...Take control of your life...

Free yourself from overwhelm

Contact me or book now. 

Online Sessions

Online sessions provide a convenient and stress-free way to access the help you need. Online sessions are accessable from anywhere in the world, meaning no struggling to park or travel long distances. 
You can take advantage of the convenience of online sessions from the comfort of your own home- it doesn’t matter if we live at opposite ends of the country, or even in a different country, it all still works. 
Online sessions are effective and efficient...So if you haven’t tried online therapy yet, let’s give it a go!

About Bonnie 

Bonnie has over 10 years experience working in mental health, drug and alcohol abuse support, trauma and challenging behaviour, through working in trauma informed environments including children's homes, hostels, housing and youth justice. Bonnie is a qualified hypnotherapist and trauma informed internationally accredited coach. She is also an IEMT Practitioner, Advanced BLAST Practitioner and Old Pain2Go Practitioner. Currently living with the Dogues; Marnie, Millie and Tripp - who you can follow on Instagram

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